The Encantado were a group of Capecchi native to Singapore.

The founding members of the Encantado were not Capecchi at the start by fishery workers and marinebiologists. Following the Sol Gamma Wave of 2601, the planet of Singapore was isolated from the rest of civilization, leading to a bacteria outbreak that soon rendered the colonists sterile. Over 2/3 of the remaining colonists voted for genetic modifications, leading to fighting with the 1/3 of the genetic traditionalists.

The traditionalists were unsuccessful and the Capecchi voters modified their bodies to live in an aquatic environment, enhancing themselves with gills, lighter skeletons and increased vascular tissue for deep sea living. They also adapted their DNA for a hermaphrodite form of reproduction, while combining basic aspects of an ancestral memory, to allow future generations to rapidly relearn any skills much faster.

The 160 modified survivors abandoned their home facility of Kansai in 2603 and by 3071, grew to over 17-million.  

Named for the mythical Portuguese aquatic shapeshifters, Encantado.  

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