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As I continue to write my numerous science-fiction storylines, I will be using this wikia to create a database, in order to establish my facts, character history and keep my creativity in line.

Please if you happen to stumble into this wikia, feel free to read and edit but understand that much of what I write and create here will be subject to change. 

Thank you!

Spirit of Slaves

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The year is 3071 and the reign of the massive Republic of Manhattan is unmatched, 222 populated worlds look to the capital planet of Manhattan for their guidance, economy, protection and education. Yet something is simmering below the surface of the great empire, a rot that from both inside and out is starting to feaster. Below the oceans of the obscure frontier world of Singapore something is brewing, something the government is desperate to keep under wraps. With a foreign blockade already locking off the frontier world, the Republic is caught off guard when an old warhorse, a disgraced diplomat and a reporter trying to wash away his father's prestigious reputation, decide to deal with the situation personally, only to open a Pandora Box full of snakes the Republic would prefer kept under lock and key.


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