A colony world of the Republic of Manhattan located in the Bissett-system, in the Antrim Sector.

It was settled by a group of Prides colonist, Irish Neo-Luddites, individuals who reject all modern technology and opted for an agarian lifestyle. Following its settlement in 2498, the colony elders broke all contact with the outside universe. 

The planet was technically an Earth Federation colony, allowing limited helium mining of its outer most gasi giant Glenariff. During the Sol Gamma Wave in 2601 the colony sealed itself completely off from the universe, violently forcing three seperate refugee transports to leave before the planet was declared hostile.

McKeown was conquered by the Republic during the Annexation of the Western Territories in 2743, the Republic's annexation of the 27 independent colony worlds that dominated the space to its galactic west. The planet managed to secure its continued existence as an isolated world by providing the Republic with yearly genetic samples of its newborns.

Other than a medical transport that arrives to perform the test every winter, no other contact with the planet is allowed and will be responded with violence. 

The planet rebelled during the Lovejoy Revolution and broke away in May 3073 during the Cessation of the Western Territories. It allied with the other rebelling worlds, forming the Western Confederation of Independent Worlds


The planet's name is derived from the Irish surname originating both from the Gaelic name Mac Eoghain.

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