The orbital anchor point for the New Harlem Orbital Tether, New Empire Station is the largest orbital structure in the Republic of Manhattan and the contemporary galaxy. Since its construction in 2603, the facility has served for nearly four-centuries as the leading shipyard and port of trade for the Republic.


Construction on the facility began in 2603 when the construction ship EFS John Rockefeller, Henry Morrison Flagler and Jabez Bostwick weilded the former military ships EFS Horatio Nelson, Tuolon, Albemarle, Newfoundland, Hood, Enterprise and Argo into one structure. 

Holgate Riots Carriage DisasterEdit

More Information: Holgate Riots

In 3058, during the Holgate Riots, sympathizers to the Worker's Liberal Party seized control of a carriage rising to New Empire Station when news of government crack downs appeared on the public news feeds. The violence and damage to the magnetic coupling controls resulted in the carriage being knocked off its cable and crashing into New Empire Station, resulting in the deaths of 1600 passengers and 300 abroad the station. As a result the government banned news feeds, communications or messages being transmitted to passengers abroad a carriage in motion. 

Among those killed were two descendants of the famous Renaud Yamato, his 10th great-grandson Rahim Yamato and his 11th great-granddaughter Raquel Yamato.

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