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New York, sometimes called the 'Heart of the Republic', is the primary star of its system, which includes the capital world of the Republic of Manhattan, the planet of Manhattan. It is the most heavily developed and populated system in the entire empire and among the most populus in the galaxy. 

Star Geography[edit | edit source]

New York is a G2V-type star, identical to Sol though 7% larger in radius and 18% more massive.

The system is divided into three sections, the inner terrestrial worlds, the inner Jovian worlds and the outer Jovian worlds, each separated by two extensive asteroid belts, the  and Stuyvesant Belt

The inner four terrestrial worlds of the In-Sector, Ellis, Liberty, Saratoga and Rochester, are not naturally habitable but are rich in rare metal deposits.

The Minuit Belt, an iron rich asteroid belt, seperates these worlds . 

The planets of the Mid-Sector are Jovian worlds, Hudson, Adorindack and Syracuse. Hudson is orbited by the habitable moons of Manhattan and Queens, while Syracuse is orbited by the oceanic moon of Brooklyn.

The Stuyvesant Belt, an ice belt, seperates the outer most worlds of the system. 

The planets of the Out-Sector is split between the three Jovian worlds of BinghamtonAlgonquian and Rensselaer and the ice planet of Wallabout. Binghampton is also host to the moons of Staten and Bronx.

Planets & Local Bodies[edit | edit source]

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