Nikanorova is a Republic colony located in the Olympic-system, in the Washington Sector. It was an icy world.


In 2881 the planet attempted to declare independence from the Republic of Manhattan, led by the Revive the Federation Society who wished to reestablish the old Earth Federation. The move was dubbed the Nikanorova Insurrection and was declared illegal by the High Court of the Republic. As a result the Republic Marines led a five week invasion in the capital of New Katherine before the secession government was toppled and a pro-Republic leadership was formed.

The Battle of New Katherine is seen as one of great tragedy among the native population and "Remember Kathy" has become a rally cry for the secessionist terrorists that still exist. 


  • The planet is named for the ancient Russian meaning for "favor of God".
  • Nikanorova is the homeworld of Ambassador Myna Tallman.
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