One of the three regional capitals for the Republic of Manhattan, Potsdam is a marshy world in the Brandenburg-system, in the Sorbian Sector. It is home to a population of over 15,766,000,000.




Potsdam was founded in 2205 as one of the most distant colony worlds in the Earth Federation, primarily for its rich iron and steel deposits but also because the founding colonial group was made up of individuals wanting distance from the Federation bureaucracy and mega-corporations that held too much sway in the government. 

The capital of Sanssouci began as a modest mining town before evolving into the largest shipping port on the planet, both for planet-side trade and the trade routes that soon began to spring out from the solar system.

Ironically the desire of the original founders to avoid the Federation mega-corporations while the influx of credits from the mining industry caused the creation of three mining empires, Charlottenhof Refining, Glienicke Steel Incorporated and Hahn Geological. All three continue to be major economic holdings well into the contemporary era.

Sol Gamma WaveEdit

Potsdam was one of the few Federation Outer Colonies to escape the 2601 Sol Gamma Wave with no damage but due to the political vaccum created by the fall of the Earth Federation, General Adam Claire seized power in a bloody military coupe and set himself up as a dictator. It was not until 2612 the planet was liberated from Claire's control and the world was intergrated into the Republic of Manhattan.


Potsdam is named after the capital city of the German federal state of Brandenburg and part of the Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Region.

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