Starfire of New York
Class: Migrant
Registry: RMTS-2918
Operator: Republic Transport Service
Launched: 2067
Status: Destroyed


In April 3071, the Republic Foreign Affairs Department chartered the Starfire to transport Ambassador Myna Tallman to the colony of Singapore in the Johor-system in order to deal with the Alnarian Federal Union blockade. It was escorted by the Republic Navy destroyers RMS Nautilus and Shu Shen. The Foreign Affairs Department also requested that Captain Berlusconi be placed in command. 

The ship arrived on 11 April 3071 and was confronted RMS Eliza Hendricks, which destroyed the Nautilus and Shu Shen outright before pursuing the Starfire into the atmosphere of Singapore and destroying it. Only Captain Carlo Berlusconi, Ambassador Myna Tallman and the ambassadors assistant, Roman Yamato.

Technical DataEdit

Migrant-class transports are capable of carrying up to 540-passengers. 


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