Republic of Manhattan
Republic of Manhattan Seal
Capital Planet: Manhattan
Capital City: New Harlem
Regional Planets: Potsdam, Valera, Tartarus
Executive (Head of State): President of the Republic
Legislature: High Congress of the Republic
Judicary: Grand Court of the Republic
Establishing Document: Proclaimation of Formation
Date of Establishment: 15 August 2603
Domestic Navy: Manhattan Republic Navy
Domestic Army: Manhattan Republic Marines


Executive Branch


The Republic is led by a president, elected through an electoral college by the High Congress (who is itself elected by popular vote) and confirmed by the Grand Court. The president serves in 5-year terms, with no limit to the number of terms. As of 3071, the current Republic President is Josephina Lovett, who has held the position for 17-years. 

Vice President

Unlike most democracies, the Republic was one vice president for every region capital. Currently there are four:

If at any time the president is unable to lead, the three vice presidents will lead their administrative zones until such time as the High Congress can elect a new President. No sitting vice president can be nominated or take leadership of the Republic.


Joint Chiefs of Staff


The legislative branch of the Republic is the High Congress. It is only composed of an upper house, lower houses are reserved for local system governments. 

The High Congress is elected by popular vote of their constituent systems and serve a six-year term with no limit on the number of terms. The Congress is lead by the Commissioner, choosen by the President every three-years. Below him are the Majority and Minority Congressmen, respresenting the political parties who hold the highest and lowest percentage of seats. Current political parties are the economic liberal and isolatist Institutional Constitution Party (Suits Party), and the imperialist and state-sponsored economic Progressive Economic Party (Pro-Eco Party).

Currently the Pro-Eco holds the majority, the Suits Party holds the minority.


Most of the first wave settlers to the region that would one day become home to the Republic were from the European Federation (predominately German, Irish, western European and Mediterranean), North American Consortium and the Pan-Asia Alliance (predominately Japan).



Slavery is practiced in the Republic, though it is called institutional conscription. Predominately conscripts are Capecchi or Prides who have committed crimes or sold into conscription to pay off debts.


At current the Republic of Manhattan claims over 222 colony worlds, ranging from the heavy populated, economic juggernauts like Manhattan, to outpost worlds like Hayde, to worlds undergoing terraforming like Singapore. Of those worlds 151 are home to Capecchi, 71 are Prides.


The Republic is seperated into four regions, covering the central sectors and the sectors to the galactic north, west and east. 


The Republic covers 114 sectors of space, ranging from the trade nexuses like Verrazano to frontier regions like Downpatrick, Votum Venus and Giovanni:

Colony Worlds

The 222 colony worlds are listed as such:

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