Roan Yamato
Born in 2701 to Renaud Yamato II and Hailey McKenny on Manhattan. He married Umeko Chan and was the father of Renaud Yamato III. He passed away in 2775 at age 74.

Roan joined the military at 17 and quickly progressed through the Republic Academy of Strategic Ground Warfare on Potsdam. By 2743 he had risen to the rank of Specialist and served as the military ground combat liaison for the Siege of Hirano during the Annexation of the Western Territories, the Republic's annexation of 27 independent colony worlds that had seceded from the Earth Federation during the Sol Gamma Wave a century and a half prior. Following the capute of Hirano during a month long battle, Yamato was quoted as saying:

We may have a high public approval rating, the support of all three major political parties and even the applause of our allies for acting so decisively but God is looking down at us from the moral high ground and shaking his head in shame for what we did.”

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