A colony world of the Republic of Manhattan located in the Freeport-system, Hispaniola Sector.

Tortuga is well known as a combined island and forest world. No deep oceans exist, instead the planet is numerous shallow islands cover the water, all overgrown with thick forests. 

The colony was founded by a Capecchi group of settlers, the Huldra

The planet formerly was an Earth Federation colony that broke away during the Sol Gamma Wave in 2601, forming what commonly became known as the Western Territories. It later was conquered by the Republic during the Annexation of the Western Territories in 2743, the Republic's annexation of the 27 independent colony worlds that dominated the space to its galactic west.

The planet rebelled during the Lovejoy Revolution and broke away in May 3073 during the Cessation of the Western Territories. It allied with the other rebelling worlds, forming the Western Confederation of Independent Worlds


The planet is named for Tortuga, a Caribbean island that forms part of Haiti, off the northwest coast of Hispaniola. In the 17th century, it was a major center of Caribbean piracy.

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